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Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique is where you can have a drink and learn about the latest ideas and issues in science and technology in an informal setting. It's not a lecture! It's a place for group discussion and audience involvement is the most important ingredient. Find out about Café Scientifique around the world…

For more information on the upcoming Cafe Scientifique events listed below, click on the host city or the title.

Toronto Sat Jan 24   This is Your Brain on Music
Toronto Sat Feb 21 This is Your Brain on Food
Toronto Sat March 21 This is Your Brain on Exercise
Toronto Tues Nov 25 Myths & Truths about secondhand smoke and e-cigarettes
Toronto Wed May 7  Myths & Truths about Genetic Heredity in Cancer
Toronto Wed Apr 9 Art & Science: Same Process, Different Products?

Want to host your own Café Scientifique? Take a look at our 12 Step How To... and Sample Invitation.

Want to get the word out about your own Café Scientifique in Canada? Send an email request to cafescientifique@osc.on.ca and we'll add it to the calendar and the city page.