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Exhibit Sampler

CIRCUS! Step right up, ladies and gentlemen- you won't want to miss this interactive educational extravaganza! Just look what awaits you in the centre ring...

Walk the High Wire! Strap into a harness and try to make it across a 2.7 m (9 ft.) high tightrope. See how physics, biology and psychology all play a part in "learning the ropes".
Peek behind the curtains of our Circus Sideshow and discover the secrets of the Sword Swallower and the Mighty Atom!
Fly through the air with the greatest of ease-become a trapeze artist with our Elastic Acrobatics exhibit.
Visit our Flea Circus and resist the urge to scratch. See real fleas "performing" and learn about the flea's astounding anatomy.
Become a Circus Musician. Match music and sound effects to video footage and explore the effect of sound on the limbic system of the brain.
Discover the mathematics and physics of Juggling-and amaze your friends.
Dress up and make-believe in the Costume Area. A variety of fantastical costumes in child and adult sizes will help bring out your inner performer.
Take a whiff of Circus Smells and discover how your nose knows best!
Look who's talking! Learn about the secret languages of animals in our Animal Communications exhibit.
And there's much, much more! Run away to the Circus! and see for yourself...

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