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Strange Matter logo with a swirling orange and black background and a symbol suggesting atomic orbits straddling the two Ts in Matter.

Now open!

Could a strand of spider silk stop a 747 airplane in flight? What do modern firefighters and medieval knights have in common? From car shock absorbers and eyeglass frames to NBA backboards and golf clubs, this surprising exhibition reveals the secrets of modern materials.

Teenage girl exploring safety materials section of the Strange Matter Exhibition.Bend and twist Nitinol, a memory metal that returns to its original shape when you add hot air. Zoom from the macro to the nano scale and find out how scientists "feel atoms" using Atomic Force Microscopes. Watch a column of foam grow towards the ceiling and learn about its remarkable composition.

Discover how high-tech materials become the stuff of everyday life by interacting with one of the world’s hardest substances, investigating the unusual structure of magnetic ferrofluid, and even uncovering how sand led to the computer revolution. 

Your close encounter with the amazing world of modern materials awaits!

Included with Ontario Science Centre admission.

Presented in English and Simplified Chinese.

Women playing marimbas made of different wood, a young girl investigates magnetic ferrofluid and a teenage boy investigates magnetic properties of materials in the Strange Matter Exhibition.
Special Exhibition Hall
Level 6

Designed and fabricated by the Ontario Science Centre. Presented by the Materials Research Society.