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Virtual Tour: Art installations

Art installations

BEAM Robot Fish

Plexiglass and metal robot with visitor in background.

Controlled by solar cells, this BEAM robot sculpture (Biology, Electronic, Aesthetics, Mechanics) is designed to live, feed and fend for itself in the ocean.

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Dr. J. Tuzo Wilson Geodetic Monument

Rust-colored monolith and engraved slab at the entrance of the Science Centre.

Imagine the Earth's crust moving at this monument and exhibit honouring Dr. J. Tuzo Wilson—renowned geophysicist and Director of the Ontario Science Centre from 1974 to 1985.

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Fish Mobile

Close up of mobile with objects hanging from it.

This granite, copper and steel fish is so delicately balanced that the smallest puff of wind can make it "swim".

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Line of large vertical pipes with visitor playing at pipe keyboard.

Defy your expectations of what either a fountain or a musical instrument can be. Stop jets of waters with your fingers to create a harmonic landscape, or play your favourite tune – with water!

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George Rhoads Sculpture

Red ball moving along yellow metal track over the xylophone of the Rhoads Sculpture.

This is interactive art in motion! Drop a ball down one of the ramps and you'll set off a chain-reaction of music, movement and amazement.

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In a Dark Wood…

Video still of forest and people from In a Dark Wood.

This video installation juxtaposes a forest of Douglas fir with a montage of archival film related to British Columbia.

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Jacquard Coverlet

Black and white textile pattern.

Marvel at this wall hanging woven on our antique Jacquard loom by volunteers. Like a computer, the loom’s mechanism uses binary to create the pattern.

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Lotic Meander

The turquoise, gold, taupe and grey-coloured stone patterns of Lotic Meander.

This beautiful outdoor art features a serpentine walkway made of polished glass pebbles, granite slabs, and hemispherical black domes carved from boulders.

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Ontario Science Centre logo formed out of bubles from the Pipedream installation.

Pose for a picture at our webcam station then watch your photo blow up in bubbles instead of pixels!

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Art Installations - Virtual Tour

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