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Virtual Tour: Demonstrations


Amateur Radio Station

Male volunteer wearing headset at the Amateur Radio Station.

Got something to share? Chat it up with other radio operators from around the world at VE3OSC, the Science Centre's Amateur Radio Station.

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Electricity Demo

Small child with her hair standing up at the Van de Graaff generator.

Get a charge out of loud zapping noises and lightning sparks? Then find out "what's watt" and have a hair-raising experience with the famous Van de Graaff generator.

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Jacquard Loom

Close up of red and white textile created with the Jacquard Loom.

See how volunteers use punch cards to create patterns with our 150-year-old loom, and discover what weaving and computers have in common!

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Live Planetarium Show

Two children standing in front of a photo of Saturn and it's rings.

Sit back in Toronto's only public planetarium, as a presenter takes you on a fantastic voyage through the Universe to learn more about our cosmic neighbours.

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Papermaking Demo

Science Centre host demonstrating papermaking.

See how cloth and plant materials are transformed into paper. Younger visitors can learn how to make their own paper, and often get to take a piece home!

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Rocks 'n' Minerals

Quartz crystals coloured transparent and violet (amethyst).

Meet and chat with volunteers from local gem and mineral clubs as they grind and polish rocks into things of beauty.

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Science HotSpot

Host presenting with a Space Shuttle model in the HotZone.

Plug into current science at these live presentations covering the latest hot topics in science and tech.

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