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Virtual Tour: xhibit Halls and Experience Areas

Exhibit Halls and Experience Areas

The AstraZeneca Human Edge

Electon microscope image of a human sperm and egg.

Explore the potential and limits of the human body. Plunge into the mind of a freediver, grapple with a climbing wall and what it takes to summit Everest, discover how your body deals with danger…what's humanly possible for you?

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The Centre’s Backyard

Close up of yellow flowers with green leaves.

The Ontario Science Centre is perched on the edge of the scenic Don River Valley. Everything from the building's construction to what you see out the windows embraces elements of nature.

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Children walking through the HotZone

A current science hub, the HotZone is the place to pose questions, debate answers, scan headlines, view events and get the real story via multiple screens and stage presentations.

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Close up of smiling little girl building rollercoaster in KidSpark.

Science fun for our youngest visitors! Kids eight and under, along with their caregivers, can play and learn in an area designed just for them.

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The Living Earth

Tropical fish swimming over coral.

Stroll through a Rain Forest and try to spot the Poison Dart Frogs. Touch a tornado, crawl through a cave, and check out a coral reef as part of the all-natural fun!

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A Question of Truth

Black and caucasian children's dolls

Explore how beliefs and biases can influence scientific research. Test controversial theories related to race, gender and culture, and compare Western with "alternative" sciences.

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Science Arcade

Close up of plasma ball from the Science Arcade.

A visitor favourite since we opened in 1969! It's the place to test your reaction time, navigate a distorted room and more.

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Shoppers Drug Mart® OMNIMAX® Theatre

View of audience seating area and IMAX screen.

Discover how thrilling movies can be with the giant dome screen and a state-of-the-art sound system of the Shoppers Drug Mart® OMNIMAX® Theatre.

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Young man riding the Rocket Chair in the Space Hall.

Pilot a rocket chair, experience the night sky in our planetarium, check out meteorites and rocks from Mars – in a space that's out of this world!

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Weston Family Innovation Centre

Two visitors playing the Ferrofluid keyboard in the Weston Family Innovation Centre.

Explore experiences that hone your innovation skills. Prototype a new kind of shoe. Make magnetic fluids dance and test your aviation skills. Change your mind…and your world.

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