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Science Centre host in lab coat showing a human skeleton to two young children in the HotZone.
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A current science hub, the HotZone is the place to pose questions, debate answers, scan headlines, view events and get the real story via multiple screens and stage presentations.
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Black and white film strip with text that says: Story Cam.

Sights, sounds and stories straight from the exhibit floor…

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  • Close up portrait photo of brown cow with caption that reads: Researchers are developing fuel cells powered by microbe-rich fluids extracted from cow stomachs.
  • LED science headline ticker in the HotZone
  • Science Notes and Updates computer screen
  • Host in lab coat showing a human skeleton to a group ofvisitors in the HotZone.
  • Close up of visitors walking and dancing on the interactive floor.
  • Researcher doing a hands-on presentation to visitors using a Space Shuttle model and video.
  • Visitors walking on the koi pond interactive floor.
  • The Hot Zone's Human Clock uses visitor-submitted images to display the time.
  • Close up of the Question of the Day interative kiosk.
Asian punk girl listening to iPod.

Listen to our latest podcast pondering a topical science question.

Close up of visitors feet on the interactive floor.

Discover more about the technology that drives the HotZone's interactive floor.

Red and white EurekAlert! logo.

Check out EurekAlert!, an online global news service for the latest in current science research.

Researcher doing a hands-on presentation to visitors using a Space Shuttle model.

See a HotSpot presentation on the HotZone stage for a hands-on grasp of current science issues.

Illustration of crowd of cutout style human figures.

Explore more current science: Discover what a world population of 7 billion+ means to you and this planet.

Three hands showing the gestures for rock, paper and scissors.

Explore more current science: Take part in a Rock-Paper-Scissors experiment and add your data to our study.


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