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Girl playing with gears in KidSpark
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pig-nosed turtle


Build your own roller coaster, rock out in a music studio, blow giant bubbles. KidSpark is the learn-through-play space for kids eight and under and their caregivers.
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Black and white film strip with text that says: Story Cam.

Sights, sounds and stories straight from the exhibit floor…

Let's Explore: Caves

Color illustration of two smiling childen wearing caving gear and helmets with headlamps, standing inside a cave.

An Ontario Science Centre Interactive Ebook

Take the KidSpark experience home with our new interactive eBook "Let’s Explore: Caves."

Ages 8 and under, available with iBooks on Mac and iPad. $2.99 Download from the iTunes Store.

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  • Boy pressing button at Sneeze Boy exhibit.
  • Boy playing at cash register with female caregiver in the Market.
  • Close up of smiling girl building a rollercoaster.
  • Games, acquarium and cushions in Toddler Area.
  • Three kids playing toy guitars in the Music Studio.
  • Several children working to gether at the Build-A-House exhibit.
  • Kids playing with boats and moveable dams in the Waterplay Area.
  • 3d impressions of children's bodies and faces in the red Pin Wall.
  • Child and caregiver playing with 3d puzzle.
Two photos in picture frames: aged male and aged female.

Check out the Amazing Aging Machine while you're at the Science Centre and download your aged photo at home.

Three hands showing the gestures for rock, paper and scissors.

Take part in a Rock-Paper-Scissors experiment and add your data to our scientific study.

Illustration of green and black leopard frog on blue background.

Play Croaker Concentration and match frog noises to get a jump on amphibian trivia.

Rectangle of many small coloured noise dots.

Try the Camouflage game to learn how animals have evolved to hide in plain sight.

Hand holidng a paper airplane with blue sky in background.

Fold and fly "The Dart", a paper airplane tested by Science Centre "aerogami" engineers.

Illustration of flying boy in superhero costume wearing sunglasses and holding out a coke can with the word zoom! underneath.

Discover the secrets of everyday stuff with our interactive Strange Matter materials science site!

Pink flowering plant sticking out of a cut open plastic bottle filled with soil.

Building a simple bottle garden lets you bring the outdoors in!


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