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Mother and child exploring the Rain Forest.
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Green and black poison dart frog

 The Living Earth

Touch a tornado, hang out in a cave, get close to giant cockroaches and poison dart frogs… The Living Earth hall has it all for an amazing natural science experience. Want more? Explore our online connections.

Black and white film strip with text that says: Story Cam.

Sights, sounds and stories straight from the exhibit floor…

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  • Close up of deer skull.
  • Orange, turquoise and black tropical fish swimming over coral reef.
  • Seated child watching twister form in the tornado machine.
  • Close up of drinking fountain shooting water.
  • Bat skeleton on red backdrop.
  • Swarm of large cockroaches crawling over a log.
  • Child laying down with arms spread in the Bird's Eye View exhibit: video screen showing autumn forest in the background.
  • Green Basilisk lizard resting on outcropping of rock wall.
  • Photo of whale skeleton rib cage taken from below.
Close up of eagle head.

See Sam the Bald Eagle, a raptor reared by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy.

Hand holidng a paper airplane with blue sky in background

Fold and fly "The Dart", a paper airplane tested by Science Centre "aerogami" engineers.

Illustration of green and black leopard frog on blue background

Play Croaker Concentration and match frog noises to get a jump on amphibian trivia.

Man with video camera resting on his shoulder with volcano fires in background.

Join storm chaser George Kourounis on a tour of his tornado-proof vehicle.

Rectangle of many small coloured noise dots.

Try the Camouflage game to learn how animals have evolved to hide in plain sight.

Storm clouds with chain lightning striking the ground.

Listen to the RedShift Report podcast: "Can We Control the Weather?"

Smiling man posing with hand-held water filter cylinder.

View engineer Michael Pritchard's demo of a water filter that could provide safe drinking water to developing nations.

Illustration of crowd of cutout style human figures.

Discover the impact of 7 billion people on Earth and download an activity to make sense of the numbers.


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