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Partial photograph of J. Tuzo Wilson's Geodetic Monument: Rust-coloured steel monolith inscribed with text indicating geo-location of the Ontario Science Centre.
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Steel globe of the Earth with emobssed continents from J. Tuzo Wilson's Geodetic Monument

 Art around the Centre

Creative inspiration is at the heart of both science and art – and our array of indoor and outdoor art installations blend art and science in delightful and insightful ways. Explore our online connections too!

Detail of Stacy Levy’s “Lotic Meander” installation on the outdoor terrace at the Ontario Science Centre.

Detail of Stacy Levy’s outdoor "Lotic Meander" installation on Level 3 at the Ontario Science Centre.

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  • Two visitors standing in front of the Pipedreams exhibit: A wall of bubbles forming the Ontario Science Centre logo.
  • The turquoise, gold, taupe and grey-coloured stone patterns of Lotic Meander.
  • Plexiglass and metal robot with visitor in background.
  • Black and white textile pattern.
  • Wood carvers transform the trunk of a silver maple felled in a Toronto windstorm—the tree that inspired Alexander Muir’s "Maple Leaf Forever".
  • Line of large vertical pipes with visitor playing at pipe keyboard.
  • Red ball moving along yellow metal track over the xylophone of the Rhoads Sculpture.
  • Close up of mobile with objects hanging from it.
  • Video still of forest and people from In a Dark Wood.

Art Installations - Virtual Tour

  • Virtual Tour Small Image