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Visitor browsing book on ancient science related to human anatomy.
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Steel confinement box

 A Question of Truth

Explore points of view through exhibits that challenge beliefs about differences between people and how those beliefs influence science in A Question of Truth.
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Black and white film strip with text that says: Story Cam.

Sights, sounds and stories straight from the exhibit floor…

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  • Visitors gathered around the entrance to the confinement box.
  • Close up of engraved wooden  Chinese South-Pointing Cart revealing gear system inside glass display case.
  • Three statuettes of different dog brees.
  • Visitors reading and exploring the colour charts at the Melanin, Colour, Racism exhibit. Black and caucasian children's dolls are under plexiglass on the right.
  • Handcrafted model of family  in festive living room gathered around dining table laden with food.
  • Photo of the Wave Tank from above.
  • Two inverted human skulls on either side of a balance scale.
  • Visitors wearing headphones listening to people's stories at the Who's Talking? exhibit.
  • Visitor peer at the life-size, translucent human model through glass display case.
Discover the truth about retractions in recent scientific research papers.

Discover the truth about retractions in recent scientific research papers.

Illustration of human skull wearing headphones.

Listen to a podcast on the ethics of creating deadly viruses in the lab.

Black and white photo of man with beard.

Check out the Nobel Prize winners of 2011.

Black logo resembling honeycomb and human figures superimposed over map of India.

Get the buzz on India's Honey Bee Network, reaching out to grassroots knowledge holders.


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