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Boy riding electricity-generating bike with light bulbs above the handlebars.
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Child suspending silver ball using Bernouille Blower.

 Science Arcade

Lights, sound, action! Have fun and get physical with physics. From a shadow tunnel to a bike generator and a tricky light stick, there’s more than meets the eye in our Science Arcade.
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Black and white film strip with text that says: Story Cam.

Sights, sounds and stories straight from the exhibit floor…

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  • Child driving and getting feedback from the console of the Driver Reaction Test exhibit.
  • Visitor's hand touching transparent surface of plasma ball with bolts of glowing blue and purple plasma streaking through the sphere.
  • Visitor seated at the Star Tracer exhibit using a pen to trace a mirror reflection.
  • Diamond-shaped metal objects orient around a magnetic field produced by a rectangular magnet.
  • Neon lights forming the words red, green and yellow in the colours green, red and blue, respectively.
  • Four steel drums.
  • Large, cylindrical magnets mounted on poles opposite one another. Text read: The magnetic twain shall never meet. These two magnets are identical. Try to bring them together. Is it hard? Why? The closer they get, the more they push each other away.
  • Child walking up a large lever.
  • Early 20th centruy black train locomotive with blurry piston caught in motion.
Video still of plasma ball with bolts of glowing blue and purple light streaking through the sphere.

Watch this Science Centre demo to shed some light on how our plasma ball works.

Three overlapping circles of transparent light: red, green and blue, producing yellow, cyan and magenta in the overlapping areas.

Try colour mixing to explore another spectrum of Science Arcade physics.

The words red, yellow and green coloured in blue, green and red, respectively.

Experience the Stroop Effect again anytime. Are your friends and family up to the challenge?

The words Choo choo vs Vroom vroom.

Listen to a podcast that debates the question: Are electric cars really greener than Gertrude, our steam locomotive?

A series of black spiral lines emanating from the centre of a white background.

See if this optical illusion fools your eyes and brain as much as those in our Science Arcade.

The words Minute Physics in a black magic marker style font with a stick figure

Explore some more cool physics in just 60 seconds.

Magic marker illustration of an orange car on graph paper with t a apeech bubble that says beep beep!. Text across the top says: What is up with noises?

Discover the sound science behind making music in our Science Arcade.


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