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Father and daughter on rocket chair
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Hubble Telescope


A state-of-the-art planetarium, meteorites from Mars, cosmic rays, black holes, a space chair that's really a rocket and more make Space an out-of-this-world experience.
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Black and white film strip with text that says: Story Cam.

Sights, sounds and stories straight from the exhibit floor…

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  • Red gas clouds and stars.
  • Visitor piloting the rocket chair.
  • Family trying to launch Cassini at the Graveity Surfer exhibit.
  • 1:24 scale model of the Hubble telescope.
  • Plants glowing purple under red and blue LED Lights.
  • Granular siliver Moon rock mounted for display.
  • View of inside of Cloud Chamber.
  • Close up view of Space Shuttle model with bay doors open and Canadarm extended.
  • Sphereical metal Planetarium projector with lenses mounted all over the surface.
Colourful cartoon illustration of rocket and solar system.

Get a galactic weather report, from solar storms to ISS passes.

Black silhouette figure and telescope with large plaent Mars behind him.

Visit the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for more stargazing parties.

NASA logo on background of space and galaxies.

Check out NASA for the latest news on what's up in space.

Astronaut and toilet floating in space.

How do you go to the toilet in space? Astronaut Chris Hadfield has the scoop…

A cloud of debris orbiting the Earth.

Listen to a podcast about space junk and map it with our What's Overhead exhibit.

Smiling head shot of Jeremy Hansen.

Hear Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen on what's next in space exploration.

The Earth seen from space and a giant radio tower standing on it with cartoon electricity bolts shooting out of the top.

Tune in to the only radio station in the Known Universe that's astronomy and science 24/7.

Blue coloured words: This week in Space.

This week in Space, plus events in space history.


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