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Virtual Tour: Stuff for kids

Stuff for kids

Aging Machine

Carnival style yellow text which reads: The Amazing Aging Machine.

How will you look when you're grown up? State-of-the-art software adds decades to the faces of 8-12 year olds and shows how smoking, sun and food might affect the results.

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Amateur Radio Station

Male volunteer wearing headset at the Amateur Radio Station.

Got something to share? Chat it up with other radio operators from around the world at VE3OSC, the Science Centre's Amateur Radio Station.

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Bird's Eye View

Bird's head with grey and yellow markings.

Head up to the mezzanine above the Living Earth hall and look for a giant steel bird. Climb in, lie down, and go for a virtual flight as trees and the ground zoom by below you.

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Close up of a stalactite,a type formation that hangs from the ceiling of caves (lookks like dripping wax).

It's spelunking time! Explore this 15 metre-long reproduction of a cave in Guelph, Ontario. See what thousands of years of glacial run-off and erosion can do to solid rock!

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Electricity Demo

Small child with her hair standing up at the Van de Graaff generator.

Get a charge out of loud zapping noises and lightning sparks? Then find out "what's watt" and have a hair-raising experience with the famous Van de Graaff generator.

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Close up of smiling little girl building rollercoaster in KidSpark.

Science fun for our youngest visitors! Kids eight and under, along with their caregivers, can play and learn in an area designed just for them.

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Papermaking Demo

Science Centre host demonstrating papermaking.

See how cloth and plant materials are transformed into paper. Younger visitors can learn how to make their own paper, and often get to take a piece home!

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Rain Forest

A black and yellow poison dart frog sitting on a green leaf.

Check out 250 square metres of palms, poison dart frogs and other tropical life. It's hot, it's humid and it's a great place to explore a fascinating ecosystem.

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Rocks 'n' Minerals

Quartz crystals coloured transparent and violet (amethyst).

Meet and chat with volunteers from local gem and mineral clubs as they grind and polish rocks into things of beauty.

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Science Arcade

Close up of plasma ball from the Science Arcade.

A visitor favourite since we opened in 1969! It's the place to test your reaction time, navigate a distorted room, or have a hair-raising experience at the Electricity Show.

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