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Image of athlete with blade prosthetic.
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Image of teen boy performing aerial stunt with skateboard.

 The AstraZeneca Human Edge

An exhibit hall exploring the wonders and possibilities of the amazing human body, The AstraZeneca Human Edge offers dozens of dynamic experiences where you can test your limits.
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  • Photo of visitors interacting with touchscreen at Aging Machine exhibit.
  • Photo of young girls on climbing wall.
  • Photo of lenticular image of skeleton.
  • 'Danger Ahead' yellow warning sign.
  • Photo of visitors dancing on piezo-electric dance floor exhibit.
  • Photo of interior of Free Diving exhibit.
  • Photo of preserved elephant’s heart in clear container.
  • Photo of crash-test dummy head wearing hockey helmet.
  • Photo of visitor interacting with simulated fetal ultrasound exhibit.
Thumbnail of runner in mountains.

Find out what's humanly possible with these top adventurers.

Thumbnail of prehistoric fish.

Get the lowdown on some deep-diving creatures.

Thumbnail of cover of Canada Food Guide. width=

Download a copy of Canada's Food Guide.

Thumbnail of hockey player and Concussion Education title.

Educate yourself on "Concussion and You".

Thumbnail of DNA strand.

Learn more about living in the gene age…

Thumbnail of cartoon bones.

Where's your body's smallest bone? Plus more fun physical facts.

Thumbnail of skull with hole.

Trace the history of medicine with this interactive timeline.

Thumbnail of Backyard Pentathlon activity brochure cover.

Test your Pan Am athletic mettle with our Backyard Pentathlon.



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