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Biomechanics The Machine Inside

February 8 to May 7

Biomechanics Jaws

Shrimp that can break through glass? Spider webs that are stronger than steel? Sharks that use their snouts to sense the electrical impulses of their prey? This new exhibition reveals the incredible ingenuity behind evolution and adaptation through real specimens, lifelike models and interactive experiences. Find out how all living things —including humans— are machines built to survive, move and discover. Compare the similarities between muscles and motors, legs and springs, or claws and clamps to explore the ways marvels of natural engineering have inspired ingenious man-made inventions.

Included with Ontario Science Centre admission. 

Procter & Gamble Great Hall
Level 2

Biomechanics: The Machine Inside

Biomechanics: The Machine Inside was developed by The Field Museum, Chicago, in partnership with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, with generous support provided by the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust and ITW. 

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