• Image of a young girl gluing construction paper decorations to a wooden insect with the word Play in large type.
  • A boy using a hand cranked drill to create something with the word Create in large type.
  • Two children learn about circuits from a science centre host in a white labcoat with the word Connect in large type.
  • Inventorium logo in mutliple pastel colours with drafting lines around the type to indicate creation. Also includes Ontario 150 logo.
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The Inventorium logo and the words Play, Create and Connect on a white background with a cute home made looking robot character holding a wrench.Spark your imagination, roll up your sleeves and get ready to make!

Ideas reign supreme at Inventorium, a hands-on learning space where art and design meld with science, technology, engineering and math. The sky’s the limit when you combine creativity with collaboration and critical thinking.

Buzzing with inspired energy and innovative activity, Inventorium delivers engaging, interactive experiences for all ages and abilities.

  • Join the IT crowd by learning about simple logic sequences with a basic bot, programming an Arduino controller and exploring exhilarating environments in immersive virtual reality.
  • Add your data to current research studies through play-based interactions (ages 6 to 16) and contribute to citizen science research projects on fossils and cyclones.
  • Sharpen your problem-solving skills as you create a chain reaction machine from scratch and set it in motion.
  • Learn how laser beams etch and cut digital designs into plywood, acrylic and even coffee beans while you sip locally-roasted coffee or locally-sourced tea. Have an idea for a custom laser-cut project? Enlist The Maker Bean team to bring it to life before your eyes!*
  • Make snowflakes, stars, lanterns and other unique creations using geometric cardboard shapes laser cut onsite by STEAMLabs.

Where will your creativity take you?

Inventorium is included with general admission.

*Coffee, tea and custom projects are not included with general admission. Member discount applies.

People using the Act. React. Interract space to combine tubes, pipes and other pieces to create a pathway for a ball.
A large globular structure with multiple levels to grow small plants on bathed in a pinkish light.

Procter & Gamble Great Hall
Level 2

Coming soon in Inventorium: Tech Art Fair February 17-19, 2018

Are you a tech-focused artist who’d like to showcase your work while building your network? Test-drive your creative ideas and artwork during our inaugural three-day Tech Art Fair.

Apply to participate today!


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