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Kidspark Explorer: Gallery

  • Drawing of tree with brids, sun moon, star and cloud, stones, bone and leaves.
  • Drawing showing the energy and movement of the KidSpark Music Studio.
  • Drawing of two hands with lines and circles indicating bones at the knuckles and wrists.
  • Drawing of red and yellow scribbles in the shape of a car with wheels.
  • Drawing of a line of planets and field of stars on a white background.
  • Drawing of something that looks like a mouse with many long legs.
  • Drawing of blue sky with clouds, sun and bees circling a flower.
  • Contour drawing that looks like a bird's wing.
  • Drawing of a smiling sun, clouds dripping rain and a rainbow over a bottle of potion.
  • Drawing of scribbles that look like the movement of water.
  • Drawing of hot air ballon with basket.
  • Drawing of a tornado with objects swirling around it and a house below.
  • Drawing of energetic lines suggesting the movement and excitement of a roller coaster.
  • Drawing of Earth, Mars, the Moon and the Sun.
  • Drawing of stick figure of boy with mucous dripping from his nose.
  • Drawing of colored scribbles.
  • Smiling, stick figure girl sitting in a tree house.
  • Drawing of solar system with planets.
  • Drawing of sweeping lines and cross hatching.
  • Drawing of scribbled forms.
  • Drawing of roller coaster with object rolling down it and smiling stick figure.
  • Drawing of planets on a blue background.
  • Drawing of scribbled forms.
  • Drawing of scribbles.
  • Drawing of smoking beakers with the word science in the smoke, surrounding a horizaontal line of planets from our solar system.
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