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Visitor and wall of bubbles forming an image at the Pipedreams exhibit.
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  Weston Family Innovation Centre

From exciting new materials and media tools to citizen science projects and problem-solving challenges, the Weston Family Innovation Centre inspires you to experiment.
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Black and white film strip with text that says: Story Cam.

Sights, sounds and stories straight from the exhibit floor…

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  • Voting machine booth with curtains.
  • Visitors enjoying the Sound Panels exhibit.
  • Visitor wearing large fabric bird wings.
  • Visitor playing the word harp and another visitor looking at the words appearing on a projection screen.
  • Two visitors playing a keyboard and watching a pool of ferrofluid form 3d shapes in response to the sound waves.
  • Model of the Atro Arrow.
  • Glue gun and a variety of materials sitting on a workbench.
  • Screen capture of user interface for the Stop-Motion Animation software.
  • Science Centre hosts facilitating groups of students working together at workbenches with a variety of materials in the Challenge Zone.
Hand holidng a paper airplane with blue sky in background.

Fold and fly "The Dart", one of the many designs you can test in our Paper Airplane Zone.

KidSpark connection image: Strange Matter science site!

Discover the secrets of everyday stuff with our interactive Strange Matter materials science site!

Yawning woman with hand over her mouth, holding a clock in the other hand with an airplane taking off in the background.

Listen to this podcast to find out why flying – for humans – causes jet lag.

Magic marker illustration of an orange car on graph paper with t a apeech bubble that says beep beep!. Text across the top says: What is up with noises?

Discover the sound science behind making music in the Weston Family Innovation Centre.

Assortment of tools including screwdriver, pliers, hammer, tape, needle and thread.

Make plans for the next "Maker Faire", to display your creative skills honed in the Challenge Zone.

A series of shiny black spikes arranged in concentric circles sticking up from a metal platter.

See the beauty of science in action in this ferrofluid sculpture.

Visitor standing with her back to the Sound Panels and her arms spread out.

Listen to a podcast on what makes music emotional, like when you feel like dancing to our Sound Panels.


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