Voie de la Célébration

  • Level 2 Entrance
  • All Ages
A child and adult enjoy learning in Celebration Way.

On September 26, 1969, a radio signal over 1.5 billion light years away struck a circuit that raised the curtain at the Science Centre’s official opening. Fifty years later, our exhibitions and experiences continue to bring science to life for more than 53 million visitors and have inspired generations with the passion for the human adventure of discovery. Now, that’s worth celebrating.

To mark our 50th year, we’ve profiled scientific highlights across five decades of scientific history, with a view toward the future.

Start your visit in Celebration Way and explore how several fields of science have evolved since we first opened our doors. Be inspired for the rest of your Science Centre visit with this new entryway experience.

Celebration Way comprises six panels that look at 50 years of phenomenal progress in science—from a human footprint on the Moon to the ecological footprint on Earth, from the robot revolution to the Human Genome Project and from the global village to citizen science. Artifacts, archival photos and interactive components round out the experience.

What do you think the next 50 years will bring?

  • Human Biology
  • Natural Environment
  • Physics + Engineering
  • Psychology + Perceptions
  • Space + Exploration
People learning in Celebration Way. Some of the informational panels in Celebration Way. A woman and child exploring Celebration Way.