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Official headshot for Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

“A place where visions for the future come to life”

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

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Keeley Aird, wearing an orange astronaut flight suit, speaking in the HotZone at the Ontario Science Centre.

“Proud to be a graduate of the Ontario Science Centre's Science School”

Keeley Aird, Co-Founder of STEM Kids Rock

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“It showed me that science is fun”

Raluca Ellis, Researcher and exhibit developer, Ontario Science Centre

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Dan Riskin looks over his shoulder while a smiling Science Centre host looks on.

“The world is made more beautiful by science”

Dan Riskin, Biologist, Author and TV Host

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Stephanie as a child touching the Van de Graaff generator, her hair extended in a full halo around her head.

“It was my playground”

Stephanie Sin

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“It nourished an interest in science that remains with me today”

Terry Fallis, Award-winning author

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Peter and Gilda's wedding photo from 1974

“It’s where he popped the question”

Gilda Spitz

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Teacher posing beside a classroom door, below the words “Biology: It’s what’s inside that counts!”

“Where classroom lessons come to life”

Zehabia Razakazi, Secondary school teacher

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Artash and Arushi Nath

“It’s encouraged us to stay curious”

Artash and Arushi Nath

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Iris Lui at the Ontario Science Centre, in front of a model of the Great Lakes with her sons.
Daniel Ferguson and his dog Taser

It fostered my sense of wonder about the world

Daniel Ferguson, Director of Superpower Dogs

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Donna Strickland in her lab.

“It was love at first sight”

Donna Strickland, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 2018

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Samantha Yammine in her lab.

“It fed my curiosity”

Samantha Yammine, Neuroscientist and science communicator

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Sassan Sanei, wearing a 1984 T-shirt and holding a vintage Commodore 64.

“I’m still geeking out 35 years later” 

Sassan Sanei, Engineer

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A woman wearing a lab coat and pours water from a blue watering can over a man holding a rainbow-coloured umbrella.

“This is where the magic happens!”

Catherine Birnie, Educator, Ontario Science Centre

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Jennifer Crosbie, Clinician Scientist & Principal Investigator

“It’s had an impact on how I think about the world”

Jennifer Crosbie, Clinician Scientist, SickKids & Principal Investigator, Spit for Science

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PJ and JE Bartl posing in front of a body of water.

“We were hooked”

JE & PJ Bartl

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Natalie holds a colourful Hoberman sphere in her hands.

“It’s been part of my story since I was a child”

Natalie Panek, aerospace engineer, adventurer and STEM advocate

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Andy Rauer wears a blue t-shirt and his Ontario Science Centre staff lanyard.

“Discovery, this is Toronto”

Andy Rauer, Systems Analyst, Ontario Science Centre

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Headshot of Jonathan standing outdoors wearing a grey-blue suit

“Learning the scientific method early shaped the work I do today”

Dr. Jonathan Downar, Scientist, Krembil Research Institute, Toronto Western Hospital

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Azadeh speaking at the Science Centre at Spotlight on Women in Science

“My first exposure to the enchantment of science”

Azadeh Shirzadi, Founder, STEMneutral

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Sandra working behind at a Science Centre information booth in 1993, wearing a white lab coat.

“After 30 years, I still love my job”

Sandra Murray, Resources Officer, Ontario Science Centre

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Toddler laughing at image in mirror.

“Our whole family learns something new every time we visit”

Craig LeMoyne, Ontario Science Centre Member

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Catherine and D’Arcy Little wear their red Ontario Science Centre lab coats at a class reunion held in May 2007.

“We had chemistry from the start”

Catherine Little, Former Ontario Science Centre Science School student (Semester 12)

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Chris in the Great Hall with former Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar

“I finally have the answer to my childhood question”

Chris Norman, Chorister

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Dr. Duodu showing two students how to build a paper model of a virus.

“It unlocks potential”

Eugenia Duodu, PhD, CEO, Visions of Science

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“We planned to engage the public in a whole new way”

Raymond Moriyama, Ontario Science Centre architect

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Chris Hadfield in the Cupola, the observation module of the International Space Station.

That little piece of the Moon changed my life

Colonel Chris Hadfield, First Canadian astronaut to walk in space and first Canadian commander the International Space Station

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Director X headshot, wearing sunglasses and a black bowtie

“It taught me that there's a world of possibilities”

Director X, Music video creator

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Zoe as a child in the '80s, holding a teddy bear

“I’m thrilled to have a job at a place I loved as a child” 

Zoe Fitzgerald, Science educator, Ontario Science Centre

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