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Frequently Asked Questions

When are Birthday Parties offered? Birthday boy blowing out candles
Birthday Parties are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Do you offer Birthday Parties for children under 4-years or over 12-years of age?
At the current time our Birthday Party package is geared to 4 to 7, 5 to 9, and 10 to 12 year olds.

What if the Birthday Party package doesn’t meet my needs?
If our Birthday Party package does not meet your needs, you may contact our Facility Rentals department at 416-696-3146 to discuss the costs and details involved in creating a custom party event.

What time should I arrive for my party and where do I meet the Party Staff?
Please have your group assemble at the Birthday Party Welcome Centre, indicated by the large "Birthday Check-in" sign, located near the Group Check-in Desk in the lobby. Please be there 20 minutes prior to your party time. Your Party Staff will be awaiting your arrival. Please note: all parties start and end on time.

Who will greet late guests?
Guests arriving late must check-in at the Membership Desk inside the main entrance. They should give the Birthday Child's name to the Desk Attendant and a Party Staff member will be called to escort them to your party.

Can my guests get admission to the Science Centre after the party?
Yes, admission to the Science Centre is included with all Birthday Parties.

What food is included in the Birthday Party package?
The Birthday Party package includes 2 slices of pizza and an individual juice beverage (in a plastic cup with foil peel-off top) per child, plus coffee and tea for adults. Add-on pizza (3 large) can be purchased in advance for the adults for an additional charge of $40. Although we recognize the need for food restrictions, we cannot guarantee the food items will be free of specific allergens. However, we may be able to provide refrigeration for special food brought from home for those with allergies.

Can I bring my own Birthday cake?

Yes. We do not provide Birthday cakes. As we realize the importance of a Birthday cake for a child’s Birthday, you may provide your own personalized Birthday cake and candles. A standard-sized fridge or freezer is available to store regular or ice cream cakes. Upon arrival for your party, a Part Staff member will store your cake for you until the appropriate time. 

Are sparklers or trick candles permitted?Table Setting
Please do not bring sparklers or trick candles, as these may cause the fire alarm to activate.

Do I need to bring party decorations?
No - the party room is bright and cheerful and includes a Birthday Party banner as well as colour-coordinated party ware (plates and napkins). For safety reasons, piñatas are not permitted at the Ontario Science Centre.

Do you provide loot bags?
We do not provide loot bags, but you're welcome to bring your own.

What are the Birthday Party hands-on activities?
The activities the children will enjoy are geared to your selected Birthday Party theme. Available themes are:

For 4-7 year olds:
Imagination Playground
- Experiment, play and create with Imagination Playground blocks to design and build the playscape of your dreams.

For 5-9 year olds:
Biology – Investigate animal scat and mix up some fake poop.
– Explore rocketry and build and test a planetary lander.
Chemistry – Experiment with chemical reactions and create concoctions of slime and “ooblick”.
Magic – Experiment with optics and chemistry to unlock the secrets behind magic tricks.

For 10-12 year olds:
Engineering– Build and test your very own personalized robot to take home.

Is admission to the Shoppers Drug Mart® OMNIMAX® Theatre included?
Admission to the OMNIMAX® Theatre is not included with your party. If you wish to purchase tickets for a film, you can do so in person the day of the party or you can purchase tickets in advance on our web site at or by calling 416-696-1000. Remember not to schedule your IMAX® film before 1 p.m.

Is parking included with the Birthday Party package?
Discounted parking is available for you and your Birthday Party guests. Be sure your guests inform the parking lot attendant that they are here for a Birthday Party to receive the discounted rate. Vehicles may pull into the drop-off loop to drop off party guests, but should not park as it is a fire route and will be towed.

Birthday Party Sample Schedules

For 4 to 7 year olds

10 a.m. - 12 p.m.Activity
9:40 Meet and Greet at Party Welcome Centre
10:00 Move to Birthday Party Room
10:10 Introductory Game
10:15 Imagination Playground Program
11:00 Pizza Lunch
11:15 Cake
11:30 Open Presents (optional) and / or Imagination Playground Program
12:00 Party Ends

For 5 to 9 year olds

10 a.m. - 12 p.m.Activity
9:40 Meet and Greet at Party Welcome Centre
10:00 Move to Birthday Party Room
10:10 Introductory Game
10:15 Hands-on Science Program
11:00 Pizza Lunch
11:15 Cake
11:30 Open Presents (optional) and / or Play Games
12:00 Party Ends
For 10 to 12 year olds

10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.Activity
9:40 Meet and Greet at Party Welcome Centre
10:00 Move to Birthday Party Room
10:10 Introductory Game
10:15 Hands-on Science Program (Part 1)
11:00 Pizza Lunch
11:15 Cake
11:30 Hands-on Science Program (Part 2)
12:30 Party Ends

How many adults are required at the party?
We require a minimum of one adult per party, but up to eleven adults are included in the Birthday Party package. Please consider the group size and age of the children when determining how many adults should attend to safely manage your group.

Can I add extra guests to my Birthday Party booking?
Up to nine additional children and three additional adults can be added to the Birthday Party package at a cost of $22 each. Please note: You cannot substitute children for adults or vice versa and no additional coupons, passes, membership cards/benefits, discounts or vouchers can be applied in lieu of payment for extra children or adults attending the party.

Any extra adults, over the party maximum of fourteen, are welcome to purchase a general admission ticket and explore the Science Centre until the Birthday Party is over.

Call 416-696-3256 to add children and/or adults to your booking. Please confirm final numbers for attendance and food orders (if applicable) by 4 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the Birthday Party.

What if extra children show up at the last minute that I didn’t include in my Birthday Party numbers?
Party resources and activities are prepared based on the confirmed number of expected party guests, so it is important to provide an accurate count. However, in the unexpected event that extra children show up, we will do our best to accommodate them as long as the group size does not exceed the maximum of 20 children. The credit card used to book your party will be charged the appropriate amount.

What else can we do at the Ontario Science Centre on the day of the party?
Please consult the “Calendar” section of our web site at for more details on our many demonstrations and exhibits.

Flask and bubblesAre guided tours available?
Exploration of our exhibit halls is self-guided; therefore, we do not offer guided tours.  If you choose to spend time after your party exploring the Science Centre, you must provide adequate supervision for the children in your group.

Can we store our belongings in the party room while we explore the exhibit halls?
All personal belongings must be removed from the party room at the end of your Birthday Party as other activities may be scheduled in that room. There are lockers available for $1 each at the main entrance which can be used to store your belongings. We do not recommend storing valuables in the lockers.

If my child is sick and I have to cancel my party, is my payment refundable?
If your child is sick and you have to cancel the party, you may reschedule it on an alternate date at no additional cost based on availability. There are no refunds for cancellations with less than 14 days’ notice. Please call 416-696-3256 if you must cancel your party.

Do I need to clean-up the Birthday Party room?
Leave the party preparations and clean-up to us!  Relax and enjoy the party with your child and guests.

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