Cartoon image of a futuristic looking man folding his arms surrounded by various robots and space scenes with the words: The Universe needs your help - Are you game?



Terracosm logo with the letters jumping out and a small ball representing a robot character from the game.The Universe needs your help! Ulysses Wolfe has invented Portals that allow people to travel to the alternate universes he has discovered, but the iON probes he’s sent to investigate these universes have lost all contact. He needs your help to bring them back before it’s too late.

Find the Portals placed around the Science Centre and prepare to be propelled into the world of Terracosm, a mixed reality, science fiction, mobile gaming experience.

With each Portal, visitors participate in 3D virtual and 
augmented reality mini-games in order to complete Missions built around fundamental STEM concepts.

Using these incredible new technologies, Players will be able to peer into Alternate Universes, fly through their landscapes, interact with their inhabitants, escape perilously close calls, and even play with particles at the molecular level, all without ever leaving the Ontario Science Centre.

Designed as a turnkey installation to complement existing offerings at science centres, Terracosm is an exciting game world engaging users in a comic-book style, mixed reality mobile game, designed to foster an interest and fascination in STEM subject matter in kids aged 6-11. Terracosm is launching in four pilot science centres across North America, with the Ontario Science Centre as the flagship and premiere Canadian location.

Click this link for more information and to download the app.

We want to hear your feedback! Once you’ve joined Ulysses on his missions, we’d appreciate if you’d take a moment to complete this survey.




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    Download a copy of our What's On Flyer & Guide Map for visitors. Printed copies of this map are also available in English and French when you arrive at the Science Centre.


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