April is Environment Month

Join us at the Ontario Science Centre to learn about the human impact on the environment. Find out what habits you can change in your everyday routine that will impact your own health and the health of the planet.

April 7–8: Air and Sky

Up, up and away. Meet scientists and their air-studying instruments and make one of your own. Learn about the atmosphere, weather patterns and which human behaviours have an impact on the air and sky.

April 14–15: Water Weekend

Water is everywhere. It impacts animal, plant and human life. Learn how much humans rely on it every day, how you can reduce your water use, and what it takes to clean it up. While you’re there, meet some aquatic creatures.

April 18: Toronto Envirothon Competition

Catch the fun as teams of Toronto high school students test their knowledge and demonstrate creativity in presentations on environmental issues.

April 21–22: Down to Earth

Find out why soil is not dirt. Meet some of the critters that create the earth that supports life at its roots. Discover the best plants for your flower garden, find out what NOT to plant and pick up some bee-friendly flower seeds to start a garden of your own.

April 28–29: Everything Mosquito!

Get to know the latest buzz. Identify which diseases are carried by mosquitoes. Discover how and why mosquitoes bite and how to protect yourself, get handy and assemble a mosquito model or make an eco-friendly mosquito trap.

All activities take place on Level 6.


  • Guide Maps

    Download a copy of our What's On Flyer & Guide Map for visitors. Printed copies of this map are also available in English and French when you arrive at the Science Centre.


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    The rain forest in the Living Earth is currently closed for repairs.