Inner Spaces

May 1 - 31, 2018

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Discover the universe within you.

What do researchers see as they seek to solve some of medicine’s biggest mysteries? Inner Spaces shows you, in incredible detail, photographic magnifications of cells and tissues featuring research in progress through the eyes of scientists. What their microscopes reveal is transforming the human body into a frontier for discovery that rivals the cosmos.

The vibrant images of Inner Spaces are works of both cutting-edge science and thought-provoking art, offering deeper insights into the inner, most intricate workings of the human body. Come visit Inner Spaces and observe the magnificent harmony of science and art.

Inner Spaces is participating in the Contact Photography Festival.

Rock Paper Science Hall
Level 6

Inducing Medusa

Blair Gage, Medusa, photograph, 2009

Alex Baker, Bubbles, photograph, 2017


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    The rain forest in the Living Earth is currently closed for repairs.