Solar Observing

Safely observe the Sun* with specially filtered telescopes.

Learn about our nearest star and try your eye at spotting exotic surface features, including sunspots, spicules, and prominences.

  • July 28
  • August 25
  • September 22
  • October 27
  • November 24
  • December 22
Two images, the left side one is a close up of a solar flare and the surface of the sun with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada,s logo on top. The right hand image is a Science Centre staff member explaning solar observing to a group of visitors with a boy looking through a telescope. 

  This program is offered by members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

 * Weather permitting. In the event of cloud cover, program will be rescheduled to the following Saturday.

10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Outside Main Entrance



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