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Ontario Science Centre answers real science questions from real kids in playful new book

TORONTO (September 16 2019) – How do stars stay in the sky? How do trees know about seasons? Can a rat burp? The Ontario Science Centre kicks off Science Literacy Week 2019 by launching Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice?, a fun and informative Q&A book for curious minds. Written by Kira Vermond, illustrated by Suharu Ogawa and scientifically verified by Science Centre experts, Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice? serves up the answers to 50 quizzical queries from real kids. This colourfully-illustrated book tackles scientific concepts about the hows and whys of the world—from astronomy to zoology—in a straightforward and engaging style.

“Science literacy in today’s world is no longer just advantage, it’s an absolute necessity to make informed decisions and participate fully in society,” said Maurice Bitran, PhD, CEO and Chief Science Officer, Ontario Science Centre. “Science begins when we are curious about the world, ask questions and seek answers. By encouraging active questioning and emphasizing the joy of discovery, this book promotes science literacy and critical thinking in young readers and explorers.”

To produce Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice?, the Science Centre partnered with Toronto-based book publisher Annick Press. By combining their expertise—science communication and publishing—they produced the 87-page book to achieve a shared goal: inspire kids to sustain a lifelong interest in science.

“We chose a range of questions to answer—from burps to black holes—to demonstrate no question is too small or silly,” said Rick Wilks, President, Annick Press. “Asking questions is a way to understand the world around us—it’s something kids do intuitively. With this book, we hope to both delight and further stimulate their curiosity.” 

All questions in the book come from kids who visited the Science Centre. The Maker Bean Café, a makerspace café located on site, collected the questions and laser-cut the most thought-provoking ones onto wooden coasters to start science conversations among café-goers. Science Centre educators and researchers answered the questions, drawing on their expertise in science and passion for science communication.

“Our goal with this book is to spark new ideas and dreams in the next generation of scientists,” said author Kira Vermond. “The world is the way it is today because people throughout history have asked questions that led to scientific discoveries. We want to keep that spirit of inquiry alive.”  

Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice? is recommended for ages 7-11 but also for anyone who loves to ask, “Why?” It is available in hardcover for $19.95 from The Gorilla Store, an applied science emporium at the Science Centre, and major booksellers.

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