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Photo of Dr. Rachel Ward-Maxwell.

Rachel Ward-Maxwell

Researcher/Programmer in Astronomy & Space Sciences

Rachel Ward-Maxwell received her PhD in astrophysics from McMaster University in 2015, where she used computer simulations to model the structure of interstellar clouds and formation of Sun-like stars. As the Researcher-Programmer in Astronomy and Space Sciences at the Ontario Science Centre, Dr. Ward-Maxwell develops astronomy program offerings, including planetarium shows, and supports the Research Live! program, an initiative where visitors participate in current active research studies conducted by visiting scientists. She is passionate about communicating science with the general public and is a strong advocate for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) disciplines.

During her academic career, Dr. Ward-Maxwell developed content and organized free science programming for children and youth across Hamilton and surrounding communities. Her experience in education and public outreach also includes time spent over the past 15 years as a science communicator and program developer for a variety of organizations.