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Frequently Asked Questions

Which science centres can I visit for free with my Ontario Science Centre membership?
Membership at the Science Centre allows you to visit over 300 other science centres for free! Select this link to see the program details, including the complete list of participating organizations.

Are all exhibitions included with my Membership?
Membership includes access to the Centre's permanent exhibitions year round. Many visiting exhibitions and special presentations are also included. Occasionally we will host a major exhibition that includes an extra fee, but Members always get a discount.

How long does it take to receive my new Membership cards?
When you purchase online you will receive a temporary card by email right away. Your permanent cards will arrive by mail a few weeks later.

How can I replace a lost membership card?
If you lose your card, you have two options. You can always visit by showing photo ID and obtaining a temporary card on each visit. You can also get a replacement card for a $5 fee, either in person or by calling us at 416-696-3142.

If I buy the Membership, can I upgrade to a higher level at a later date?
Memberships can be upgraded at any point, but the fee is not prorated. Whether you upgrade in the first month of your Membership or half way through, the fee remains the same. Upgrading your membership must be done in person or over the phone at 416-696-1000.

Can I add a Third Cardholder to my Membership at a later date?
Third Cardholders can be added to any membership that covers 2 or more people. The fee is $60 per year and is not prorated. Whether you add the Third Cardholder in the first month of your Membership or half way through, the fee remains the same. Adding a Third Cardholder to your membership must be done in person or over the phone at 416-696-3142. Only one Third Cardholder may be added to a Membership.

Can my children use our Membership on a school trip?
Membership admission benefits do not apply when children and parents attend the Science Centre as part of a school visit. Checking in separately as a Member during a school visit removes the Member from the school visit and all associated programs.

Do Members get a discount on tickets for guests?
Some levels of Membership include discounts on tickets purchased for guests. This benefit is part of the Planetary, Stellar, Galactic and Cosmic levels.

How do I purchase film tickets?
Members can purchase film tickets online anytime or by calling 416-696-1000. Member discounts, where applicable by level, can be accessed when purchasing tickets online.

What do you do with personal Member information?
The Membership Office collects and retains personal contact information for the purposes of fulfilling membership benefits, notifying members of events or promotional offers and marketing membership and Science Centre products. To learn more visit our full privacy policy here. 

For more Frequently Asked Questions about Membership, please visit Become a Member.

Have a question that's not answered here? Please send a message to us by selecting this link or call us at 416-696-3142 and we'd be happy to help!