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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a Member?
Membership is the BEST way to visit for free as often as you'd like, get tons of great benefits and SAVE! The Science Centre boasts over 500 hands-on exhibits and activities to enjoy! If you only spent 2 minutes at each you would need more than three days to see them. And that isn't all. With the many temporary exhibitions, IMAX® films, special events, daily live science demonstrations and our popular, ever-changing programs you can easily spend many more days here and always discover something new. Not bad when you consider a Membership usually pays for itself in just 2 visits

What are the benefits?
Membership gives you FREE admission for a year, discounts at Science Centre restaurants, insider information with special offers! Plus some membership levels include discounts on parking, films, programs, guest tickets and more. Select this link for more details on benefits .

How do I purchase a Membership?
Memberships can be purchased online, in person or over the phone at 416-696-1000. 

I've just visited and I loved it! Can I apply my ticket purchases towards a Membership?
Yes, you can apply a portion of your purchased tickets towards a membership within one week of your visit. To assist you, we need to see a copy of the original tickets which can be emailed or faxed to 416-696-3132. Please include a day time phone number and we will contact you within one business day. Select this link for more details on how to apply tickets towards a membership.

How many children does the Membership admit?
Lunar memberships admit up to two children per visit and Planetary and Stellar memberships admit up to four children per visit.  Children are between the ages of three and 17. They do not have to be your own children – they can be children who are friends or relatives.

How long does it take to receive my new Membership cards?
When you purchase online you will receive a temporary card by email right away. Your permanent cards will arrive by mail a few weeks later.

Are all exhibitions included with my Membership?
Membership includes access to the Centre's permanent exhibitions year round. Many visiting exhibitions and special presentations are also included. Occasionally we will host a major exhibition that includes an extra fee, but Members always get a discount.

How do I purchase film tickets?
Members can purchase film tickets (free for Gold Members) online or by calling 416-696-1000.

What do you do with personal Member information?
The Membership Office collects and retains personal contact information for the purposes of fulfilling membership benefits, notifying members of events or promotional offers and marketing membership and Science Centre products. To learn more visit our full privacy policy here. 

For more Frequently Asked Questions about Membership, please visit Stuff For Current Members.

Have a question that's not answered here? Please send a message to us by selecting this link or call us at 416-696-3142 and we'd be happy to help!