MindWorks Exhibition


Member Previews: September 21 & 22, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Official Opening: September 28

Explore how you think in MindWorks, our newest family-friendly exhibition. Take an unforgettable journey through your own mind and question how you think, feel and react to the world around you.

Explore topics such as consciousness, decision-making, emotions, creativity, personality and much more. This exhibition will spark moments of mindfulness, challenging you to question yourself and discover answers through hands-on experiences.

Featured experiences

Eyewitness Testimony: How reliable of an eyewitness are you? Find out “whodunit” as you take part in a virtual reality dining experience and crime scene. Can you correctly identify the culprit? Put your memory to the test!

Unconscious Bias: Do you prefer cats or dogs? Healthy food or junk food? Probe your own unconscious biases—the results may surprise you.

Shape Shifter: How good are you at puzzles? Test your creativity and problem-solving skills as you contort to fit through challenging geometric shapes. It’s critical thinking in motion.

Decision Making Mega Experience: Are you a risk-taker? A good negotiator? A savvy shopper? Explore how your mind takes short cuts to make snap decisions and the process, perils and payoffs of decision making.

Facial Pareidolia: Think Glee and the Grilled Cheesus or the Man in the Moon. Discover if this psychological phenomenon has you seeing faces in weird places.