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MindWorks Exhibition


Ever wonder what’s happening in your head?

Step into MindWorks, a new exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre, and experience the inner workings of your mind.

Rooted in psychology, MindWorks brings mental processes like decision-making, memory and emotions to life through colourful, playful and fun hands-on exhibits. Designed to keep you in the moment, MindWorks encourages self-reflection through prompting questions: 

  • What makes you you? (Yes, you read that right.)
  • Would you choose pain over boredom?
  • When you dream, are you still you?

Explore why you think, feel, and react the way you do at MindWorks, and uncover the remarkable power of your mind. 


Shape Shifter: Use your problem solving skills to fit into unusual, cut-out shapes. 

A Memorable Meal: How reliable is your memory?


Make them an offer they can’t refuse! To play the world’s largest Pac-Man, two players must first strike a deal.



Think you know what you like? Uncover your hidden preferences in this rapid-fire, DDR-inspired sorting game.