The Ontario Science Centre is temporarily closed to the public. The health and safety of our visitors, staff and community is our top priority. We will continue to follow guidance from public health officials regarding when we are able to reopen and welcome visitors back to the Centre.

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MindWorks Exhibition


Ever wonder what’s happening in your head?

Step into MindWorks, a new exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre, and experience the inner workings of your mind.

Rooted in psychology, MindWorks brings mental processes like decision-making, memory and emotions to life through colourful, playful and fun hands-on exhibits. Designed to keep you in the moment, MindWorks encourages self-reflection through prompting questions: 

  • What makes you you? (Yes, you read that right.)
  • Would you choose pain over boredom?
  • When you dream, are you still you?

Explore why you think, feel, and react the way you do at MindWorks, and uncover the remarkable power of your mind. 


Shape Shifter: Use your problem solving skills to fit into unusual, cut-out shapes. 

A Memorable Meal: How reliable is your memory?


Make them an offer they can’t refuse! To play the world’s largest Pac-Man, two players must first strike a deal.



Think you know what you like? Uncover your hidden preferences in this rapid-fire, DDR-inspired sorting game.