• BOLOY GO WHERE SCI-FI WENT BEFORE. POPnology: Yesterday's fantasy is today's reality.
  • THIS SUCKER'S ELECTRIC. POPnology: Yesterday's fantasy is today's reality.
  • HEY HAL. POPnology: Yesterday's fantasy is today's reality.
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POPnology: Yesterday's Fantasy is Today's Reality
Closes August 6

Here’s your chance to get nerdy and geek out!    

People using virtual reality headsets in a model of the Star Trek Holodeck

Test drive robotics, rovers and revolutionary sci-fi inspired tech. Take your picture with the DeLorean time machine, and meet the galaxy's most beloved little droid. Hone your inner cyborg by working with a robot arm and see the world's first 3D-printed car.

With POPnology, you can learn how pop culture inspires how we connect, move, play, live and work and how books, movies and games have inspired the world’s greatest technological innovations.

Check out these four areas in the exhibition to see bots, droids and interplanetary devices that have inspired and astounded the imaginations of inventors.

How We Play takes you through the inspiration and invention of games, robots and virtual reality that impacts life and leisure.

How We Connect takes you into the world that brought you the social media and Artificial Intelligence assistances you use every day.

How We Move explores the history of human transport — from fantasies of flying and time-travelling cars to vehicles that can travel on other planets. 

How We Live and Work brings you today’s fascinating innovations that were predicted long ago in books and movies — including a 1983 time capsule room featuring all the technology you can now hold in the palm of your hand!

Through immersive games, hands-on robotics and futuristic technology, you’ll see just how far we’ve come and where we're going.

Procter & Gamble Great Hall
Level 2


 Mars Rover Game      The Delorean time machine from Back to the Future

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