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Ontario Farm Animal Council
- Farms on Wheelz

Guelph, Ontario (2009)

The Ontario Farm Animal Council approached the Ontario Science Centre about building a travelling exhibition to promote farming in Ontario. The goal was to engage teens and young adults in meaningful explorations of farming – new innovations, global challenges, changing social landscape, health and nutrition. They also wanted to show parents and teens that farmers are modern, innovative and adaptive.

After putting on galoshes and visiting a number of farms to learn about farming first-hand, our development team got the ‘dirt’ on farming and set about creating a series of exhibits that have been designed to reconnect young people with what they eat, where it comes from, and how it’s produced so that they can gain insights into the food choices they make.

In Farming Fuels the Future, a real biodigester shows how liquid dairy manure can be transformed to generate enough electricity to power an iPod. That is true poop power. In What’s for Dinner?, participants select a meal from a delicious selection of menu options and then find out how nutritious it is but also where the food comes from, giving them a chance to consider how their food choices affect the planet.

Another key goal - the exhibition had to fit into a 20 ft trailer and able to be set up and taken down at different types of locations.

The resulting 400 sq ft multi-experience exhibition started touring the Summer of 2009.

Our Services:
  • Production of 400 square feet (37 m2) of exhibits
  • Concept development and design of exhibits
  • Project management
  • Fabrication
  • Installation