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Museum of Discovery

Little Rock, Arkansas (2016)

Developed for the Arkansas Discovery Network, The Ontario Science Centre conceptualized, designed and fabricated the eight interactive experiences that comprise this 2,000 square-foot travelling experience space titled Imaginate. Designed to spark creativity by challenging visitors to think differently and look beyond the obvious,the exhibition takes visitors on a journey to uncover their inner innovator. And through its unique exhibits, Imaginate also introduces visitors to the culture of innovation - an environment where dreaming big, risk taking, collaboration and perseverance are valued and where mistakes are considered perfect first tries. 

This work was based on three-years of development and evaluation as we looked the characteristics of “innovativeness”; leading us to the development of our own permanent Innovation Centre.

Imaginate is currently finishing its three year tour of six different member institutions within the Arkansas Discovery Network. Due to the success of the exhibition, our client is currently looking to extend the tour into a second phase.


Our Services:
  • Concept development and design development
  • Fabrication
  • Technical training
  • Installation