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Royal Botanical Gardens

Burlington, Ontario (2009)

Our development team got a chance to get up close and personal with plenty of plants when, in 2009, we completed a contract to build 3500 sq. ft. (325 m2) of exhibition space for Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario.

The project involved creating an exhibition space that could double as a main entrance where visitors are introduced to the incredible variety of landscapes, gardens and programs on offer. The exhibits developed cover four different content zones specific to Royal Botanical Gardens – Zone 1 serves as a welcoming Visitor Orientation, Zone 2 connects visitors to People, Plants and Nature, Zone 3 concentrates on Biodiversity and Zone 4 is a Call to Action asking visitors to consider the importance of plants in their own lives.

With an existing architecture that had to be preserved, the team took advantage of the space, the plants, the sunlight and the wondrous materials that plants provide. Light shines through organic filters, plants grow atop various experiences and a variety of natural materials connects visitors to nature even before they enter the gardens.

By working in tandem with the experts at Royal Botanical Gardens, we were able to create a series of exhibits that captured the intentions of the client to connect visitors to the environment in new and innovative ways.

Our Services:
  • Production of 3500 square feet (325 m2) of exhibits
  • Concept development and design of exhibits
  • Project management
  • Fabrication
  • Installation