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John Deere Pavilion

Moline, Illinois (2015)

Integrity, Quality, Commitment, Innovation …and Fun!

For the people at John Deere, these values determine how they work, the quality of what they offer and their customer service. For the Ontario Science Centre, these values – with a healthy dash of fun – guided a redesign of the Discovery Zone at the John Deere Pavilion in Moline, IL.

Alongside the Pavilion team, we created 625 square feet of new experiences for young visitors that draw from John Deere products ranging across agriculture, forestry, construction and the home.

Working with a strong brand with an equally strong link to the land was exciting – and it produced dynamic visitor experiences.  For the Spin Browser exhibit we worked through a rich video archive to allow visitors to speed up, slow down, and see forward and backward for unique perspectives on clearing a damaged forest, picking cotton, watching a storm move in over a farm field and more.

Gear Tree gives children a chance to see how gears can move other gears in different directions and at different speeds – an insight that takes them beyond the machinery and into fundamentals of science and technology.  And in Stack and Play, visitors can manipulate a grappling arm that mimics the work to load trees onto a flatbed with a Knuckleboom Loader – no easy task!


Our Services:
  • Design development
  • Fabrication
  • Technical training
  • Installation