Toronto is starting to reopen its doors, and we can’t wait to welcome you back. But it’s going to take us a little longer due to our interactive, high-touch exhibits. We’re working on a comprehensive plan to make sure it’s safe when we open our doors again–so thank you for your patience. As soon as we have more details, we’ll share.

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About the Simulator

The Challenger Learning Centre offers the next best thing to actual space flight.  The Learning Centre features a two-room simulator, a Spacecraft, and Mission Control which is modelled after NASA 's Johnson Space Centre.  Enhancements such as flight uniforms, electronic devices, visual and sound effects ensure an immersive environment. During a space mission, teams work together as scientists and engineers to resolve challenges. Halfway through, the mission requires a crew exchange so everyone has an opportunity to experience both rooms.

Mission Control

Photo of the Mission Control room, showing rows of workbenches with computers.Mission Control is the ‘brain power’ of space flight. It is here your engineers track the mission and support the astronauts through their numerous tasks. Controllers collect, research and analyze important science data from the spacecraft. Mission Control must be ready to respond to unexpected events that could endanger the success of the mission.


Photo of the interior of the Challenger Learning Centre's simulated spacecraft.Space is a hostile environment that poses many threats for humans. In the Spacecraft your astronaut crew is busy checking critical systems and performing hands-on experiments. The Astronauts collaborate with Mission Controllers to build probes, monitor environmental conditions, operate robotic arms and to safely navigate the spacecraft.

Challenger Learning Centre
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