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Teacher Resources

A number of opportunities are available for your to prepare your Science Centre field trip
We have collected here background material, teachers' guides and other resources on many of our programs, films, and exhibit halls that you may find useful to plan or as a follow up to your visit.


 NEW! Inquiry-Based Learning Video Series (Grades 1-3)

Teacher & students experimenting

With the support of the Ministry of Education, the Ontario Science Centre has produced a series of four bilingual instructional videos for teachers focused on using inquiry-based learning in the classroom.  

View them on our YouTube channel!
 - English
 - French

The Lesson Plans featured in the series:
 - English 
 - French

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Teacher Exhibit Hall Preview Policy

There are three ways Ontario Teachers can preview the Science Centre for FREE:

  1. To prepare for your upcoming field trip, you can visit the exhibit halls beforehand by presenting a copy of your Canadian School Visit Confirmation Letter and a valid OCT card or equivalent Teacher ID at any ticketing desk
  2. You are invited to free Teacher Events and Previews
  3. You are also invited to attend our exclusive Teacher events to preview select IMAX films and exhibitions. Receive your personal invitations by signing up for our Teacher e-News.

Visit your OCT website for information on admission discounts.

Curriculum Connections

Detailed Curriculum Connections for the programs offered at the Ontario Science Centre are available for Primary Level (JK-3) Programs, for Junior Level (4-8) Programs and Senior Level (9-12) Programs.


Grade Level Inquiries

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 7 - Interactions in the Environment

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10


Program Inquiries

We’ve prepared special Exhibit Inquiries for a number of our programs, workshops, exhibit halls and films. Click on a document below to download it. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view or print the document.


Adventures in Science (JK-SK)

Science Investigators (JK-SK)

Grades 1-3
Energy (1-3)

Living Things and the Environment (1-3)

Matter and Materials (1-3)
The Night Sky (1-3)

Simple Machines and Forces (1-3)

Structures (1-3)
Grades 4-8
Bodyworks (4-8)

Destination Space (4-8)

Energy Transformations (4-8)
Fun with Physics (4-8)

Pulleys and Gears (4)

Grades 9-12
DNA Fingerprinting (12 Biololgy)
Way to Glow! (11-12)

Exhibit Inquiries

The AstraZeneca Human Edge

A Question of Truth
 Forest Lane


Other Resources

  • Field trip tips: Ensure a successful day at the Ontario Science Centre by reviewing these tips. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view or print the document.
  • School Programs Evaluation Form: After you've visited us, tell us what you think by filling-out this form. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view or print the document.
  • Discover the Science Centre Orientations: Join us for a presentation that showcases samples of our school programs.
  • Science Centre School: Learn what this program offers students in the final year of high school.
  • Field Trip Planner: Download an electronic copy of the brochure. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view or print the document.
  • Sleepovers: Grab your sleeping bag and bunk down among the exhibits: a great group event, an unforgettable family outing and a unique indoor camping experience!
  • Day Camps: PA Days, Holidays, March Break and Summer day camps are offered to science enthusiasts aged 5 to 14. Each day is filled with fun, interactive science and technology activities, demonstrations and workshops.