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Our Visitors

Who visits the Ontario Science Centre?

The Science Centre is proud to reach more than one million people onsite and more than seven million online each year. As one of Canada’s most visited attractions, we have a great connection with our audience, and are well know through locally, nationally and internationally.

Quick Facts

  • 82% of people living in the Greater Toronto Area have visited the Ontario Science Centre
  • 40 million people have visited the Centre since our doors opened (That’s almost double the population of Australia, and more people than live in all of Canada.)
  • Over half our visitors are in a family group, making the Science Centre an ideal place to reach engaged head of household decision makers
  • 90% of visitors perceive the Science Centre as a trustworthy institution
  • Many of our visitors are also members, with more than 16,300 households and 65,000 individuals who are part of our membership base
  • 94% of member households include children or youth
  • 200,000 to 240,000 students and their teachers visit the Science Centre each year
  • Five out of seven elementary schools in Toronto have visited the Science Centre
  • Two out of five elementary schools in Ontario have visited the Science Centre
Boy and his mother discovering an exhibit in the Ontario Science Centre.

Children in the Hot Zone playing.

Large crowd in the Great Hall in the Ontario Science Centre.