Summer of Space

Blast off with Summer of Space!

Join us for a Summer of Space with new space-themed exhibitions, IMAX® films and a planetarium show. Throughout the summer, enjoy special monthly programming on Canada’s contribution to space, the Moon and the future of space exploration.

Apollo 11: First Steps Edition IMAX Film

Opens May 17

In this critically-acclaimed documentary, celebrate the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. This thrilling cinematic experience showcases the real-life moments of humankind’s first steps on the Moon.

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Astronaut Exhibition

May 18–September 2

Climb into a centrifuge and learn about G-force, learn what it's like to conduct maintenance on a space station and learn the realities of showering, sleeping and using the toilet in space. Are you ready to learn about the challenges that an astronaut would face on a real mission to the cosmos? 

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Women in Space Exhibition

May 18–September 2

Get to know some of the leading women in aerospace. From deploying advanced telescopes to inventing the BioSuit, women-led space exploration is leaping forward with science innovations and engineering technology. 

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50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

July 20

Celebrate this giant leap for humankind. A space-filled day packed with astronaut appearances, space-themed design and engineering challenges, an exclusive film premiere of LANDER, a documentary about Owen Maynard, the Canadian engineer who contributed to the design of NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar lander, observe the night sky at one of our classic star parties, featuring speakers, telescopes, storytellers and more.

Monthly Space-Themed Programming