CEO + Board of Trustees

Meet the leaders who drive us

It takes many people to create engaging, informative and interactive exhibits.

Paul Kortenaar
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Kortenaar, PhD | CEO, Ontario Science Centre

John Carmichael
Board Chair | John Carmichael

Corporate Director
Former Member of Parliament

Eugenia Addy
Board Trustee | Eugenia Addy

CEO, Visions of Science Network for Learning

Kal Amery
Board Trustee | Kal Amery

VP - TELUS Partner Solutions

Ruth Brinston
Board Trustee | Ruth Brinston


Julian DiBattista
Board Trustee | Julian DiBattista

Senior Business Systems Consultant, CIBC World Markets

Chukwara (Chuks) Ezeokafor
Board Trustee | Chukwura (Chuks) Ezeokafor

Vice President - Information Technology, Levitt-Safety Limited

Janis Field
Board Trustee | Janis Field

Corporate Director

Dave Frederickson, Executive Vice President of Sales for Long View Systems
Board Trustee | Dave Frederickson Executive Vice President of Sales, Long View Systems
Ashutosh Jha
Board Trustee | Ashutosh Jha

Global Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Refat Jiwani
Board Trustee | Refat Jiwani

Corporate Director

Joshua Krane
Board Trustee | Joshua Krane

Partner, McMillan

Ken Macdonald
Board Trustee | Ken MacDonald

Past Vice-President and General Manager, Discovery Networks

Kirk Nylen
Board Trustee | Kirk Nylen

Vice President, Integrated Discovery and Informatics, Ontario Brain Institute

Sumit Oberai
Board Trustee | Sumit Oberai

Senior Vice President - Digital Technology, Royal Bank of Canada, RBC

Chris Tambakis
Board Trustee | Chris Tambakis

CEO, North America, Adgar Investments & Development

Patrick Tuns
Board Trustee | Patrick Tuns Principal, Endgame Strategies