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New exhibition Indigenous Ingenuity: An Interactive Adventure now open at the Ontario Science Centre

November 03, 2022

Created by the Montreal Science Centre, this unique exhibition explores how innovations of First Peoples from North America shape our world

TORONTO (November 3, 2022) – The ingenuity of First Peoples from North America is all around us. Created by the Montreal Science Centre and designed in collaboration with knowledge bearers from First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities, Indigenous Ingenuity: An Interactive Adventure celebrates the knowledge, culture and history of Indigenous peoples.

“The Ontario Science Centre is excited to host Indigenous Ingenuity,” said CEO Paul Kortenaar. “By exploring Indigenous inventions through the lens of science and hands-on activities, this visiting exhibition showcases how Indigenous science is timeless and continues to influence our society today. We welcome everyone to enjoy this exhibition and learn, play and discover together.”

Indigenous Ingenuity, which runs until April 16, 2023, invites visitors to experience the innovative processes that give rise to Indigenous knowledge by observing nature, listening to knowledge bearers, experimenting with scientific principles and sharing experiences with others. With a bear and trickster as guides, visitors can take part in a virtual canoe race, build an igloo, test a kayak’s centre of gravity and more.

“We’re delighted that Indigenous Ingenuity is now open in Toronto at the Ontario Science Centre, showcasing how the First Peoples flourished on this land for millennia, thanks to unique technologies, many of which are still in use today,” said Cybèle Robichaud, Director of the Montreal Science Centre. “This exhibition is the result of more than two years of work, created in collaboration with more than 100 individuals, including Indigenous people from more than a dozen nations across Canada.”

The exhibition presents a clever and novel mix of science and culture, intended to stir a sense of pride among First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities and encourages all visitors to appreciate Indigenous science and ways of knowing.

Indigenous Ingenuity is presented at the Ontario Science Centre in partnership with Lead Sponsor University of Waterloo and Supporting Sponsor Ontario Power Generation.

“Projects like Indigenous Ingenuity are vital in fostering dialogue and bringing awareness to the stories, experiences and immeasurable contributions of Indigenous peoples to our world,” said Savannah Sloat, Manager, Science Indigenous Initiatives, University of Waterloo. “This exhibition is just one way we can strengthen knowledge and celebrate Indigenous achievements.”

“Ontario Power Generation is proud to be a supporting sponsor of the Ontario Science Centre’s Indigenous Ingenuity exhibition,” said Ian Jacobsen, OPG’s Director of Indigenous Relations. “This interactive exhibition shines a light on the many incredible contributions Indigenous peoples have made to the sciences, and shares how Indigenous communities continue to shape and influence our society today.”

“We are excited that people will learn about many of the crucial contributions, innovations and methods that Indigenous peoples have created and shared with the world,” said Kevin Eshkawkogan, CEO of Indigenous Tourism Ontario. “It’s an important step to see tourist attractions like the Ontario Science Centre feature exhibitions that highlight Indigenous successes.”

“Indigenous Ingenuity encourages visitors of all ages to learn, appreciate, and celebrate Indigenous heritage through the lens of science and innovation,” said Neil Lumsden, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. “I hope everyone will have a chance to visit the Ontario Science Centre during this exhibition’s run – and if you’re traveling, Ontarians who stay overnight can save up to 20 per cent of eligible travel accommodation expenses through our 2022 Ontario Staycation Tax Credit.”

Also on display is REGALIA: Indigenous Pride, created by photographer Roland Lorente and his partner Aline Saffore who travelled across Eastern Canada to attend over 20 powwows. The photography exhibition features 30 portraits and stories of men, women and children from 14 different First Nations communities across Canada dressed in stunning and colourful regalia,which tell each dancer’s personal stories as well as those of their people and their worldview. University of Waterloo is the Lead Sponsor and Ontario Power Generation is the Supporting Sponsor of REGALIA: Indigenous Pride.

Access to Indigenous Ingenuity: An Interactive Adventure and REGALIA: Indigenous Pride are included with general admission to the Science Centre. Visitors interested in learning more about Indigenous knowledge, culture and history can also watch the IMAX® film, Great Bear Rainforest, playing in OMNIMAX® Theatre, and journey into a hidden region of British Columbia that has been protected by Indigenous people for millennia. ​To learn more and to book tickets, please visit

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