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The Amazing Aging Machine

You're not getting any younger.

By age 20, your neurons start dying. By 30, your ears start to droop. By 50, half your body hair turns gray. 


The Machine

Ontario Science Centre visitors get to grow old in a matter of minutes. No, not because we have long line ups... at our Amazing Aging Machine! Located in the The AstraZeneca Human Edge hall, the machine uses state-of-the-art aging software developed in partnership with Aprilage Inc. of Toronto to add decades to your face.


But I don't want to look that way!

The Amazing Aging Machine doesn't guarantee that's how you'll age. How you'll look and feel when you're older is mostly up to you. Lots of aspects of aging are predictable—you're certain to get some gray hair—but smoking, sitting out in the sun for long periods, not exercising and eating poorly will speed up the aging process and make your skin look worse in old age.

So slap on some sunscreen and eat your broccoli!

Got a password?

If you have visited the Science Centre and have been "aged", enter your password in the box on the right to pick up your photos! (Sorry - if it's been 30 days since you "aged", we no longer have your photos.)

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you're welcome to return to the Ontario Science Centre and grow old all over again. You might even like the results better the second time around!

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