Access Science

Two people explore the Space Hall.

Providing unforgettable science learning experiences at no cost

This community-supported initiative ensures all students across the province have an opportunity to participate in unforgettable science learning experiences at no cost to their schools or families.

Elementary, middle and high school students get to engage in hands-on learning that brings science to life and shows them how it is relevant to their everyday lives. It allows them to see that science is everywhere and that science is for everyone. 

Access Science is made possible thanks to generous donations from people just like you! Your donation will have an immediate and future effect by ensuring students see themselves in science today and tomorrow.

  • $100 helps 4 students
  • $250 helps 10 students
  • $500 helps 20 students
  • $1,000 helps 40 students
  • $5,000 helps 200 students

No matter how much you donate, each contribution makes an incredible impact, helping to spark curiosity, creativity and a love of science.

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