Toronto is starting to reopen its doors, and we can’t wait to welcome you back. But it’s going to take us a little longer due to our interactive, high-touch exhibits. We’re working on a comprehensive plan to make sure it’s safe when we open our doors again–so thank you for your patience. As soon as we have more details, we’ll share.

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The Energy Show logo with the word energy bulging slightly on top of a blue starbust image that conveys energy.

Discover the world’s ultimate source of power at The Energy Show!

Aunt Tess needs your help! Your mission, should you accept it, is to conduct important energy-related experiments while Aunt Tess is on a road trip across Ontario.

Through interactive and animated investigation, experimentation and collaboration, you’ll learn about the different types of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, and deepen your understanding of its generation, transmission and storage.

Get ready to encounter a seven-foot Tesla coil, a hair-raising Van de Graaff generator, burning bubbles and more to uncover the world’s ultimate source of power – all in the name of science!
Host in safety goggles with a headset microphone ignites small fireball on his hand.Tesla coil firing while effects show on a screen in the background during the Energy Show.
The Energy Show is a family-friendly presentation and runs approximately 30 minutes. The Energy Show is included with general admission.

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