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Two children experiment with a prototype exhibit.

We’re more than a science centre—we’re highly skilled exhibit developers, suppliers and consultants, serving museums and centres across the globe.

At the Ontario Science Centre, we are:

  • Inventors of dynamic science experiences—We know how to bring never-been-done-before ideas to life! Our exhibits and programs encourage visitors to become active participants in their learning.
  • Leaders in youth programming—Our approach to science literacy and innovation skills makes us a leader in our field, with curriculum-connected school programming, specialized exhibit halls for children (aged 0-8), youth (aged 13-17) and young adults (aged 18-24) and a unique, on-site Science School for Grade 12 students.
  • Highly skilled, agile and interdisciplinary— We test, re-test and iterate often—and we do it quickly. We offer an unparalleled depth and breadth of in-house talent, with immediate access to our talented designers, scientists, researchers, educators, hosts, fabricators, writers, editors and artists. Our teams are creative, collaborative and interdisciplinary.
  • Experts in real-world testing—Our multi-level centre with a broad range of exhibit halls and diverse spaces means we test our creations with visitors on the floor first.
  • Equipped for extensive fabrication—We have a 1,858 sq. m. (20,000 sq. ft.) fabrication facility with experts in metal, wood, modelling, electrical, and electronics who work seamlessly with our graphic production and finishing artists.
  • Client-focused—We have project consultants and project managers who help guide you through every phase of a project, considering multi-language experiences, accessibility, cultural settings and all the things that make your visitors unique.

If you’re interested in purchasing custom exhibitions, renting travelling ones or consulting on creative needs—or anything in-between—connect with us! More details below.

Ready to collaborate? Get in touch with one of our highly skilled exhibit developers, suppliers and consultants with this link or by phone at 416-696-3222.
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