Exhibition + Science Program Consulting

Three staff work out the placement of a new exhibit with models.

Create bold visions for exhibit halls and programs, develop content, train staff—and more—with the expertise of our acclaimed in-house team.

We’re here for you. With a broad range of our consulting and development services, we can help bring ideas into focus, amplify your team’s skills, abilities and knowledge and make spaces come to life. Learn more about what services we offer and what we can do for you.

Consulting Services

  • Concept design
  • Thematic content development
  • Education program development
  • Host training
  • Demonstration training

Our consulting services will help you:

Develop concepts and thematic content

Designing a new exhibition hall or travelling exhibition? Renewing an aging space? Our consultants meet you where you are—helping you imagine possibilities and refine existing spaces into a cohesive and compelling vision. Our interdisciplinary teams have the expertise, experience and passion to deliver concepts and thematic plans, on time and on budget.

Develop educational programs

Need curriculum-based science and innovation programs designed to engage children and young adults? We’ve got programs that include creative problem-solving, trial-and-error experiments and life lessons. Our experienced and qualified educators offer master-class level workshops on building in-house skills, ability and knowledge to create dynamic education programming for visiting school children and youth.

Benefit from program delivery and demonstration training

Want to animate your exhibit halls and amplify spaces? We’ll help you layer demonstrations into your current offerings to help engage visitors, highlight themes, provide new and engaging content for members and bring your exhibit halls to life. Talk to us about our customizable demonstration training programs that are guaranteed to generate excitement and smiles.

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