Travelling Exhibition Rentals

Two teens play with ferrofluid triggered by a keyboard.

Rent an exhibition that has been built by our experts, tested in real-world settings and designed to travel well—at a fraction of a new-build cost.

Give your visitors new and exciting science experiences at a fraction of the cost of a new show: lease one of ours.

With a broad range of interactive experiences and real, on-site testing by our visitors, our travelling exhibitions have proven market appeal and have delighted audiences around the world. What’s more, we’ve designed our exhibitions to withstand the rigours of international travel.

Our team provides expert installation, project management and continuous support throughout the run of the show.

Check out what’s currently on the road—or ready to make the move.

Ready to collaborate? Get in touch with one of our highly skilled exhibit developers, suppliers and consultants with this link or by phone at 416-696-3222.
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