Rent Behind Racism: Challenging the Way We Think

The information panels for this exhibition.

The Behind Racism exhibition and its tour are presented by:

Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Explore the mental processes that can help you think and act quickly, and learn how they can lead to dangerous biases, racism and discrimination.

Discover how interference, bias, blindspots and other cognitive mental processes can help—or hinder—your ability to understand the world around you.

This thought-provoking exhibition asks visitors to consider what would happen if everyone could better understand the mental processes that lead to inequity.

Together, could we unearth the roots of racism in ourselves, alter our behaviours and effect greater change across our communities and institutions?

Exhibit Samples

People interacting with the exhibition.

Where’s Your Bias? — Play games and solve riddles to better understand your biases.

People placing balls in tubes in the exhibition.

Play Plinko — Try this team challenge to see how working in a group influences your behaviours.

A person examines an exhibit.

Hate Crimes in Canada — View this imposing graph, which visualizes current data about hate crimes.

Two people reading panels of information.

Understand Systemic Racism – Read powerful statistics to learn how systemic racism disadvantages racialized and Indigenous groups in Canada.

People placing stickers on an exhibit.

The Road Ahead – You can learn to slow your thinking, notice your own biases and appreciate differences to break the habits of racism. Share your hopes for a better future.

Rental Information

Exhibition Features

  • Available for tour in Canada
  • 130 sq. m. (1400 sq. ft)
  • Multi-station interactive exhibits
  • Bilingual (English/French)

Terms of Rental

Our team provides expert installation, project management and continuous support throughout the run of the show.

Terms of rental include:

  • Ontario Science Centre staff to supervise installation and takedown
  • A maximum of five working days each for installation and takedown


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The Behind Racism exhibition and its tour are presented with the generous support of:
Government of Canada
In partnership with:
Ontario Science Centre. Canadian Museum For Human Rights. Mosaic Institute: Dismantling Prejudice.