The Circus exhibition.

Experience the magical, mysterious world of life under the big top and discover the science behind the artistry.

You won’t want to miss this interactive educational extravaganza! Just look what awaits you in the centre ring with fantastical fanfare and sensory delights. Circus! Science Under the Big Top gives hands-on lessons in how things move, how bodies work and how humans think and use their senses.

Thrill-seekers of all ages can safely walk the tightrope or fly through the air with elastic acrobatics, exploring the properties of physics, biology and psychology.

For a sensory experience that is also creative, visitors can smell the circus or check out the sideshow exhibit, complete with a sword swallower.

Explore the science behind the artistry at this wildly exciting interactive experience.

Exhibit Samples

A person in a harness tries out the high wire exhibit.

High Wire—Strap into a harness and try to make it across a 2.7 m (9 ft.) high tightrope. See how physics, biology and psychology all play a part.

A contortionist fits into a small see-through box.

Circus Sideshow—Peek behind the curtains and discover the secrets of the sword swallower and the mighty atom.

A person hangs suspended in the elastic acrobat exhibit.

Elastic Acrobatic—Become a trapeze artist and fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

Children learn about Circus smells.

Circus Smells—Take a whiff of circus smells and discover how your nose knows best!

Rental Information

Exhibition Features

  • Requires a minimum of 510 sq. m. (5,500 sq. ft.) of display area
  • Flexible design to accommodate many types of display areas
  • 20 multi-station interactive exhibits
  • Includes education and programming guidebook
  • Includes maintenance and technical manual
  • Bilingual (English/French)

Terms of Rental

Our team provides expert installation, project management and continuous support throughout the run of the show.

Terms of rental include:

  • A two-person installation and takedown coordination crew from the Ontario Science Centre
  • A maximum of 10 working days each for installation and takedown
  • Host institution provides a minimum of six to 10 technicians on-site for installation and takedown

Rental Cost

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